About Us

Female founders Mhairi Mackenzie (Bonnie Bling) and Lisa Lawson (Dear Green Coffee Roasters) both grew up on Bute (with Lisa carrying the coveted title of official Brandane!) and have since created recognised businesses in their chosen fields.

Whatever coffee you drink, we want to involve everyone in our journey to create a product that Bute can be proud of. 

With so many beans, roasts, preparations and brewing methods out there it can be overwhelming to know where to start! Never fear, we are excited coffee explorers keen to share as many of these as we can with you on the Isle of Bute through tasting events, pop ups and workshops.

Not only that, we want to help put Bute on the coffee map, we have just launched our very first Isle of Bute Blend (Dec 21). Watch out for our upcoming tasting events.

We know you'll want to know who's behind the beans! 

Mhairi grew up and went to school on Bute in the era of Big Dougie's at the Pavilion, the heyday of the Jazz Festival and may even be JUST old enough to have had a part in the Rothesay Academy production of Oliver.

Mhairi set up her Scottish jewellery company Bonnie Bling on the island in 2012 and has relocated her HQ, with added coffee bar, to Castle Street in Rothesay. Quite bizarrely Mhairi only started drinking coffee very recently but quickly realised what she had been missing! 


They will be working alongside the fountain of coffee knowledge that is Lisa Lawson from 'Dear Green'.  Lisa was born on the Isle of Bute, a true Brandane who wants to help create a new coffee experience on the island she loves. 

Dear Green roasts and supplies, delicious, fresh, seasonal & ethically sourced coffee beans in Glasgow. 100% speciality grade coffee. B Corp certified. Organic. 

'We are delighted to have Lisa to guide us through the very best of the coffee world, making sure every single cup meets the highest standards, we are in good hands!

Together we want to add to the existing local food and drink offerings on Bute and can't wait for you to join us for a cup of Isle of Bute Coffee soon!' 

- Mhairi Mackenzie